Armare imbracaminti asfaltice-HaTelitC
Cresterea portantei cu ajutorul geogrilei Fornit
Culee de pod realizata din pamant armat cu Fortrac
Geocompozit antifisura HaTelit
Geocompozit antifisura HaTelit 2
Geocompozit antifisura HaTelit 3
Ranforsare terasament calea ferata germana realizata cu Fortrac
Surpasare caverne realizate cu Fortrac
Zid fonic realizat cu Fortrac
Zid sprijin realizat cu Fortrac

Fortrac® R - Basal Reinforcement of Road Embankments (Dagenham, UK)
Reinforcement of granular road-bases with Fortrac®-Geogrids (Eisleben, Germany)
Base Course Reinforcement with Fortrac® T-Geogrid (Herrenberg)
Planted Walls Reinforced With High Strength Polyester Geogrids (Highway from Madrid to La Coruña in Lugo)
Base Reinforcementeith the biaxial Fornit® (Florida, USA)
Germany`s first permanent reinforced soil bridge abutment (Ilsenburg, Germany)
High-strenght geosynthetic provides reinforced seal to sewage sludge lagoons (Moscow, Russia)
Report on Hamburg s Rodewisch Harbour
Stabilenka® - Woven Fabrics for Reinforcement and Separation

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